Business Development

We have provided business plan guides with links to useful documents, including marketing plan, sales proposal guidelines, and budget templates to automate your company’s internal financial statements.

Business Plan 

Business Plan Templates

These templates provide an overview of critical topics to include in your business plan.

Investor Materials: Early Stage Health Science Investor Decks and Business Plans

Sean Peel, OBIO

An overview of key materials for your fundraise. (June 26, 2018)

Financial Model 

Financial Model Template

This excel file automates your Financial Statements forecasted up to five years.  

Closing the Deal with Tech Transfer Offices

Tony Prenol, Blakes

“First principles” on negotiating with TTO’s to get the best deal to establish or license technology to grow your business. Typical terms, what to expect, the negotiation process, and how to think about these agreements as you look towards future financing. (March 2, 2016)

Market Strategy

Christine Charette, OBIO

A workshop on competitive analysis and investor targeting.  How to data mine a prospectus, utilize free vs. paid databases, use keywords & news sources, garner market intelligence using social media platforms. (November 3, 2016)

Creating Your Winning Go-To-Market Strategy

Claude Pichet, CEO, Martin Lafontaine CCO, Locemia Solutions

Building the commercial case for your product through conducting primary market research with patients, HCPs, payers and other stakeholders; developing your operational plan including capital requirements; and making your company attractive to investors and acquirers. (April 15, 2016)

Market Segmentation

Nick Kuryluk, Virtus Insights

These presentations provide a step by step guide to conducting these market research analyses to identify your first indication. If you wish to go through the exercises the worksheets and materials are available on the OBIO members portal (Jan 26, 2018)   

Understanding Market Research Reports

Beata Blachuta, Global Data

This presentation covers the data sources used in MR reports, how market sizing and forecasts are generated and how to make sense of discrepancies. (Jan 26, 2018).


Introduction to Digital Marketing

Bernie Schmidt, Profitable Conversions

This presentation covers how to connect to potential customers online, how to convince them to act through your website and how to convert them to a paying customer  (June 12, 2018)

Social Media & Branding Strategies for Health Science Companies

Lorelei Graham, Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright

The importance of social media and branding strategies for health science companies. Creating a valuable brand for your business and ensuring you have brand clearance; maintaining and protecting your brand; the importance of social media in building awareness and a community for your company; and common social media and branding mistakes, including tips on what not to do. (March 30, 2016)


Strategic Marketing & Commercialization Planning

Brian Jahns, SVP Trillium Therapeutics

This presentation provides a step by step plan to developing your corporate strategy and planning as an early stage company. (June 12, 2018)

Operations, Budgeting and HR

Performance Reporting for Confident Decision-Making

Annalee Sawiak, CFO Prolucid

Addresses how you can use simple financial tools to drive decision making. (Feb 27, 2018).

Owen Roberts, Nobelex;  Joanne Harack, Axela

Addressing and solving major HR issues in early stage health technology companies. The right equity/salary mix to attract and retain employees at all levels and many other challenges that affect health technology SMEs. Participants gained an understanding of setting up the company, what to do when things go wrong and growing the company through its stages. (February 16, 2017)

Compensation at Startups

This article provides key considerations for staff recruiting and compensation at startups. Full credit to Quip for providing the guide.

Hay’s Salary Guide

A guide which provides salary expectations for different specialties along with the macroeconomic trends impacting the job market, courtesy of Hay’s. See:

Robert Half Tech Salary Guide

This guide provides information for salaries, skills and certifications for key tech professionals. See:

Reimbursement and Health Economics


Top US and local experts provide a perspective of the role of payors in healthcare technology adoption in major jurisdictions. Understanding, designing and executing clinical trials to show product value and pricing & market access strategies driven by Health Economics. (October 24, 2017)

Dr. Daniel Lace, Reimbursement Strategies

US reimbursement landscape including where to find current information on coverage decisions, coding, payment and technology assessments. (May 30, 2017)

Kaveh Katebian, Beaconsfield Group

Value-based pricing and selling in a cash-strapped environment, determining which markets to pursue or leave alone and pathways to value generation as a guide for R&D activities. (November 3, 2015)

Gold M “Getting Reimbursement for your product in the US”. Nature Biotechnology 2003

This paper provides a simple step by step guide to developing a reimbursement strategy.

Nusgart M. “HCPCS Coding: An Integral Part of Your Reimbursement Strategy” Adv Wound Care. 2013; 2(10): 576–582. 

This paper discusses what HCPCS codes are and what you need to do to get one.

Business Development Templates from BDC

Documents include templates for business plans, marketing plans, letter of offers, sales proposals, an onboarding checklist, a business continuity guide and more.

Keynote Presentations

Michael Ras, Senior Counsel, HOWE&WYE

How a Trump Presidency can potentially provide an "Innovation Opportunity" for Ontario's health technology companies. Michael's talk included topics such as the Affordable Care Act, FDA Policy Changes, Immigration & Talent Acquisition and the impact on pricing. (February 27, 2017)


Neil Klompas, CFO, Zymeworks Inc.

A privately held Canadian biotherapeutics company with operations in Vancouver, Montréal and Seattle, developing first-in-class and best-in-class bispecific antibodies and protein therapeutics for the treatment of cancer and other areas of unmet medical need. (May 4, 2016)

Dr. Edward Abrahams, Personalized Medicine Coalition

The latest developments (legislative and otherwise) in translating the concept of personalized medicine into improved clinical care. (November 27, 2017)

Nature Biotech Supplementary Articles

A Work in Progress

In life sciences, a successful company very often looks markedly different from what was envisioned at founding.

Acquiring Orphans

Will your orphan drug startup draw acquisition interest?

Building a Curriculum for Bioentrepreneurs

How best to educate scientists about the business of biotech?

Commercializing a Disruptive Technology

Building any biotech business is hard, but building one based on a new, unproven technology or approach requires special care.

Do You Really Want to be a Biotech Board Member?

There are many advantages to becoming a company advisor, but academics should think carefully about the legal and personal implications before accepting a seat on the board.

Headwinds into Opportunity

Numerous challenges face any emerging company developing a biopharmaceutical. How you anticipate hurdles, plan for contingencies and communicate with stakeholders will play a big part in determining your success.

Know Before You Go IPO

Before any young company thinks about floating on a public stock exchange, several important preparations should be made.

Philanthropy’s Role in Translating Scientific Innovation

How can nonprofit funders help launch your biotech startup?

Planning for the Exit

As the biotech industry has matured, the exit process has evolved. Entrepreneurs need to build today’s companies based on the new exit paradigm.

Preparing for Crises

How can you prepare for the day when an unexpected event morphs into a crisis, with all the potential negative repercussions for your company’s reputation and financial standing?

Shape Shifting

Faced with limited funding and the need to find the most time- and cost-efficient route to proof of concept and relevance, how should you reorganize your company to facilitate development of your most valuable assets?

Share and Share Alike

How the sharing economy is influencing biotech innovation and what it means for startups.

So You Want to be a Student Entrepreneur?

Practical tips for graduate students with an aspiration to start a life science venture.

The Habits of Successful Bioentrepreneurs

An analysis of the behaviors that have best served life science entrepreneurs.

Weathering a Storm

How to handle a public relations disaster that is not of your making.

What Mergers Can do for You

With careful due diligence, help from financiers and a keen eye, even small companies can grow through mergers and acquisitions.

Where the Bodies Lie

Some suggestions for avoiding common mistakes made in life sciences startups.