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Closing the Deal with Tech Transfer Offices - Build your Health Technology Company

With Tony Prenol, Partner & Practice Leader, Blakes IP Group

Mar 2, 2016 OBIO invites you to join us for the first in a series of unique Pre-CAAP workshops throughout 2016 designed for companies that are in the process of raising or will have raised "seed" or later rounds of financing by the end of 2016 and may apply for the next cycle of OBIO CAAP.

In person over breakfast and by GoToMeeting, Tony Prenol, Partner and Practice Leader for the Blakes Intellectual Property group will share his perspectives on how to negotiate with TTOs to close the best deal to establish or license additional technology to grow your business.

 Attendees will benefit from Tony’s extensive experience related to:

  • the negotiation process,
  • typical terms,
  • how to think about these agreements as you look ahead towards financing your company and lessons learned from the many companies Tony has helped. 

Anthony is the Practice Group Leader for the Blakes Intellectual Property Group and is a lawyer, patent agent and trade-mark agent.  He is involved in all aspects of the clearance, prosecution and enforcement of intellectual property rights and is responsible for the prosecution of patent, trade-mark and industrial design portfolios for clients in a wide variety of industries. He also litigates patent disputes, including cases involving patent infringement and validity as well as competing claims to ownership of inventions.

OBIO’s Pre-CAAP is your key to boosting investability en route to commercialization and is open to all private companies focused on developing life science products or services.  While Pre-CAAP will appeal to companies planning to apply to OBIO’s CAAP® program, all companies that meet simple eligibility criteria are invited to register and participate in Pre-CAAP.  More information about Pre-CAAP? Click here