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Inaugural OBIO® H2BB™ Onboarding Session

OBIO hosted the inaugural H2BB™ Onboarding Session with the first cohort of OBIO Health to Business Bridge™ interns.

The workshop brought together interns, company representatives and subject matter experts to experience an exciting series of insightful, interactive workshops. Interns got a taste what it is like to work in a startup in the Health Science Industry and at the same time refined their internship goals and generating action plans

Interns had an opportunity to review methodologies for conducting market research, sources of secondary data and how to evaluate the quality of the data. This session concluded with an exercise where teams of interns sought information from various sources and compared what was found.

It wasn't all work there was good food and great networking which brought students from across the Province together.

Over the next four months H2BB™ will host webinars aimed at augmenting the interns knowledge of how to conduct competitor analyses, business development, strategic and financial planning.

Interested in signing up an intern for the Summer Session that starts this May, please contact OBIO H2BB™ Business Development Manager, Sean Peel at

Enjoy a Gallery of the event below!