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Navigating HR Dos & Don'ts

Navigating HR Dos & Don'ts

OBIO asked and listened! Many of you wanted to know how to navigate the hiring process and in response to that call OBIO delivered the, HR Dos and Don’ts, presented by Joanne Harack, HR Lead, Axela and Owen Roberts, CEO, Nobelex.

Joanne Harack and Owen Roberts have navigated the spectrum of HR challenges in health technology companies and addressed top of mind questions, some of the key takeaways were:

Who to hire first?

  • Hiring for the right stage of your company is key
  • Avoid the pitfalls of hiring too quickly and too soon

What’s a realistic salary?

  • There is a balance, you need to determine what the right salary equity package is to attract and retain employees.  This is acheived by identifying what motivates each level of employee and to adjust accordingly.

How to approach virtual management?

  • An offsite employee or outsourced consultants still require hands on management