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The SMRTS (Sharing Multi-network Resources for Trainee Success) Seminars Program presents...Media Relations- How to Get Your Story Into the Press by Lisa Willemse (Senior Communications Advisor, OIRM).

It’s rare for a science story to get massive media attention – on average, only 2% of front page stories in the New York Times and the Washington Post directly involve science or research. But this doesn’t mean the public doesn’t have an appetite for science articles that show important and interesting research, impacts and people. So how do we grab attention in a very competitive media market?

This presentation by Lisa Willemse, Senior Communications Advisor at the Ontario Institute for Regenerative Medicine will look at what kinds of stories tend to get picked up by the media, how journalists work and how you can better position your research for the mainstream media.

Attendees may join live at the Ottawa Hospital (lunch will be served) or via webcast.


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