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Digital & Strategic Marketing: How to Kick It Up A Notch

Join OBIO® on Tuesday, February 6th for a seminar delivered by Professional Coaches and Digital/Strategic Marketing experts.

  • Bernie Schmidt (Conversion Strategist, Profitable Conversions) will walk us through the 3 C’s of Digital Marketing: Connect, Convert and Convince. For each C, Bernie will provide examples, practical applications and provide valuable insights and tips on how to turn your website into a sales rep.
  • Sangeeta Shah (Marketing Director, Amgen) will help you understand the role of brand management & marketing functions, how to apply strategic marketing principles, and how marketing approaches differ depending on the types of business; all aimed towards the health sciences industry.
  • Julia Roy (Director of Production, QoC Health) will provide us with a “Lived It” session, explaining how QoC Health utilized strategic and digital marketing to build their company and their brand.
  • Tyrenny Anderson (Owner, Tyrenny Anderson Consulting) joins us for the second installment of a three-part Personal Development Workshop series, focusing on what it takes to be an effective team member and how best to work in teams.

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