Rna Diagnostics Awarded Patent for Test that Guides Cancer Chemotherapy

TORONTO, Ontario – Rna Diagnostics Inc., a Canadian company with unique technology for cancer chemotherapy management, was awarded a broad patent for RNA Disruption Assay™ (RDA) in Australia for “Method of using Tumour RNA Integrity to Measure Response to Chemotherapy in Cancer Patients,” #2008295394. “RDA™ is a significant advancement in cancer chemotherapy practice management. RDA assists clinicians in personalized treatment decisions and saves healthcare systems significant costs while improving outcomes for breast cancer patients,” said Dr. Ken Pritzker, President and CEO of Rna Diagnostics Inc.

Rna Diagnostics is a Canadian molecular diagnostics company developing diagnostic tools to improve chemotherapy management. The company’s first product, RDA, determines early in a woman’s breast cancer treatment how she is responding to chemotherapy. Rna Diagnostics currently has ongoing clinical trials and collaborations with healthcare leaders in Germany, Italy, Sweden, United States, United Kingdom and Canada.

The patent allowance in Australia is an important advance in protecting the innovative technology and commercial potential of Rna Diagnostics. Rna Diagnostics has additional patents pending globally and continues to expand its intellectual property portfolio.

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