OBIO Presents at Sunnybrook Medventions Innovation Day

OBIO was invited to speak at the Sunnybrook Medventions Innovation Day on Monday November 28th, presented by the Schulich Heart Program.

The annual event supports an atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship in the medical technology field. The goal of the day was to bring together innovators from research, academia, industry and the clinical community for interactive lectures on medical technology innovation and commercialization.

There was lots of buzz about innovation, breaking down silos, and getting things done.  The morning session featured an inspiring keynote by Dr. Drucker (Mt. Sinai Hospital) on the future of metabolic therapeutics and several success stories of hospital & university spin-offs, including MyndTec and CellAegis, two companies enrolled in the OBIO Capital Access Advisory Program (CAAP©) in 2013.  

The second morning session focused on aligning efforts to build the right innovation environment and provided an overview of local efforts from different medtech stakeholders including William Charnetski, Ontario’s Chief Health Innovation Strategist and OBIO’s CEO Gail Garland speaking on “Health Technology Industry Insights.”

Finally, the afternoon session focused on insights by innovative startups, including Conavi Medical (CAAP© 2015) and 7D Surgical, and gave a view into Sunnybrook Medventions Program, with this year’s trainees reflecting on their experience.  The program concluded with a podium discussion about the future of the medical innovation ecosystem in Canada.  All in all the event mirrored the high amount of excitement and opportunity, but also the complexities of bringing innovations from bench-to-bedside.

Enjoy a Gallery of the event below