RESI Toronto Receives Two Thumbs Up

This year Toronto hosted the inaugural RESI conference on June 23, bringing together hundreds of companies and investors from across the globe in areas of biotech, digital health, medical devices and consumer health. 

In the spirit of interconnectivity OBIO hosted, “Raise-Your-Glass with OBIO & Blakes LLP, the night before RESI” an exclusive beer tasting event at Mill St Brewery in the heart of Toronto’s Historic Distillery District.  The intimate evening enabled OBIO companies looking to fundraise, access to international investors. OBIO was thrilled to also host four Trade Commissioners from Germany, France, the USA and Canada!  The event served to put a warm touch on the meetings happening the next day at MaRS, best done over brews and delicious food.  Introductions made, information shared and deals done, a perfect mix for a successful evening!

RESI being hosted in Canada’s largest city, Toronto, made for a powerful opportunity for companies to meet with international investors and source money in some uncommon places.  Several OIBO Member Companies were showcased in the atrium making for an interactive, informal, networking hub.  The buzz could be felt everywhere in the building.  Congratulations to OBIO CAAP alumni companies Perimeter Medical and QoC Health on winning the MaRS Health Kick Innovation Challenge!  RESI in Toronto is sure to be seen as a success and fingers crossed, this will only be one of the firsts hosted in years to come.

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