OBIO is Golden Horseshoe Bound

OBIO was invited to McMaster University by Susan Searls Giroux, Assistant Vice-President of McMaster University for a day filled with science, bus and partnerships.

The day started with a tour of the Biointerfaces Institute with the impressive John Brennan, Director of the Biointerfaces Institute. The discussion during the tour focused on diagnostics, cell therapies and biointerfaces and what the current and future needs will be for companies. 

Next up was lunch with the inspiring Del Harnish, the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Health Sciences Education who is currently putting in  place  programming  to  introduce students to entrepreneurship and business skills as part of their Health Sciences education.

After lunch OBIO traveled to the Centre for Surgical Invention & Innovation to meet with Dr. Mehran Anvari, the Scientific Director & CEO.  The conversation focused on robotics in the operating room ie. the commercialization of robotic health technology.

OBIO then headed back to the campus to the Michael G. DeGroote Centre for Learning & Discovery to present a roundtable led by Gail Garland, CEO of OBIO, and Klaus
Fiebig, Senior Director, Strategic Programs.  With a full house the presentation turned into a interactive Q & A with over 20 attendees such as Paul O’Byrne, Dean & Vice-President, Health Sciences, Rob Baker, Vice-President, Research, Steve Collins, Associate Dean, Research, Health Sciences and the McMaster biomedical, biochemical and health science community.

The day continued with a tour of the Institute for Infectious Disease Research with Eric Brown Director, BDC and Canada Research Chair in Chemical Biology.  The lab space is one that rivals some of the larger and well established pharmaceutical facilities.

Ending with an intimate dinner in Dundas at the Quatrefoil Restaurant with Len Waverman, the Dean of the DeGroote School of Business and others aforementioned, where future collaboration and partnerships were discussed.

A big Thank You to McMaster University for welcoming OBIO and for the conversations, questions and insights, we look forward to working with you soon!