CAAP Company: Brainfx’s New Medical App for Frontline Physicians And Clinicians - Address Critical Problem For ‘Undetected’ Brain Health Affecting Over 50 Million People

Sept 21, 2016 BrainFx Inc., a digital healthcare company, provides a software platform that helps assess the functional health of your brain, focusing on the milder brain dysfunction, while addressing the critical problem of misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis of mild-to-moderate brain disorders and traumatic brain injuries (TBI) affecting over 50 million people in North America with an economic cost of over $100 billion.1   

The company announced today the launch of BrainFx SCREENtm, a 15 minute point-of-care, mobile app for reliable initial pre-screening and early detection of possible mild to moderate brain dysfunctions and TBI’s; developed for frontline physicians and clinicians in the clinic, home or emergency room to deliver timely evaluation.    

Up to now, there’s been no reliable real-world applicable method for frontline health professionals to detect mild-to-moderate dysfunction from brain disorders. This can delay treatment, which may increase costs for the individual and the healthcare system.  

“BrainFx SCREENtm can help alleviate concerns, and health-care costs by keeping healthy people at ease, and by helping those with concussion/brain injuries, Alzheimer’s or other dementia, stroke, mental illness, or other neurological injuries/disorders identify dysfunction sooner to get treatment earlier and minimize secondary effects of disability,” says Tracy Milner, CEO, BrainFx. The BrainFx SCREENtm is based on data from the more in-depth and comprehensive version, BrainFx  

Early detection testing, like BrainFx, are becoming more critical as the number of people suffering from brain conditions increase. In Canada, one in three (10 million) will be affected by a neurological or psychiatric disease, disorder or injury at some point in their lives.  2
Milner added, "Our assessments are being used across Canada helping health professionals with developing more specific treatment plans, connecting care, and assisting with adherence across the continuum of care.  BrainFx focuses on assessments that can minimize disability and improve quality of life."

BrainFx assessments have been created with frontline healthcare professionals, neuroscience academics and clients, with a mission to deliver gold standard assessments and make the INVISIBLE effects of brain disorders VISIBLE. BrainFx offers a scientific approach to assess your brain health and your ability to function in real life, impacting global healthcare, alleviating the health-care costs of missed detection, and promoting brain health.