Funding Announcement: Ontario Genomics' Genomic Applications Partnership Program (GAPP)

Ontario Genomics announced that Round 10 of their Genome Canada’s Genomic Applications Partnership Program is now open.

The Genomic Applications Partnership Program (GAPP) funds public-private research collaborations focused on developing genomics-derived technologies that address opportunities and challenges identified by industry, government, not-for-profits or other “Receptors” of genomics knowledge and tools.

Key Program Highlights:

  • Budget: $300K – $6M (total)
  • Co-funding: 1/3 Genome Canada (max), 1/3 Receptor (min), 1/3 Other
  • Award duration: 1 – 3 years
  • Stage: Downstream R&D/validation/pilot
  • Funding recipient: Genome Canada award to academic partner only

EOI forms are due to Ontario Genomics on November 13th, 2017 at 9 am ET.

Information and Application

OGI's GAPP Program