Funding Opportunities – CABHI’s Industry Innovation Partnership Program (I2P2) and Spark Now Accepting Expressions of Interest

The Centre for Aging & Brain Health Innovation (CABHI) has two funding programs that are accepting expressions of interest; Spark and I2P2.


CABHI’s Spark program is for point-of-care workers and service staff who can apply for up to $50,000 (CAD) to develop their grassroots ideas into real-world applications, in the field of aging and brain health. In total, up to $1.25 million (CAD) is available to support up to 25 projects.

Remember to submit an Expression of Interest by 5 pm on Oct. 11th!

For more information on the Spark Program, visit the CABHI website or view the archived webinar.


CABHI's Industry Innovation Partnership Program (I2P2)  is designed to help companies worldwide get the scientific evidence they need to commercialize their aging and brain health solutions faster -- leading to quicker uptake and adoption in the market. 

Successful applicants will be able to lever a maximum of $500,000 (CAD) from CABHI to test their innovation at matched trial partner sites with an older adult population. For more information visit the CABHI website or view the archived webinar.

Remember to submit an Expression of Interest by 5 pm on Oct. 16th!