Profound Medical Announces Successful BPH Treatments In Germany Utilizing TULSA-PRO® technology

Profound Medical Corp. announced this week that treatments utilizing its TULSA-PRO® technology of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (“BPH”) are now being successfully conducted in Germany. Combining real-time MR-guidance as the imaging platform and ultrasound as the energy source, Profound Medical is delivering non-invasive ablative tools to clinicians and offering patients access to safe and effective treatment options to return quickly to their daily lives.

As is often the case with innovative new medical technology platforms like Profound’s, the targeting of additional unmet needs of patients in various anatomies and disease states will be largely driven by its current clinician users. We are grateful to our customers like ALTA and Turku for helping to lead the expanded clinical use of the TULSA-PRO® system, offering patients a one-time, precise, minimally invasive alternative to existing prostate care therapies.
— Arun Menawat, CEO, Profound Medical Corp

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