Pre-CAAP Company: MedStack Joins OBIO as a New Benefit Provider

OBIO is excited to welcome MedStack as part of OBIO's Member Benefit Package!

MedStack is a cloud-hosting platform for healthcare applications featuring built-in privacy and security protocols and operations designed to achieve US and Canadian healthcare privacy compliance (eg HIPAA) out of the box.  These features include robust encryption, auditing, logging, backup, access control, monitoring and access control all purpose-designed for healthcare compliance and governed by pre-written privacy policy documents, delivering everything needed to sell healthcare applications in a single package.

Also available is the first HL7 FHIR database API in a hosting environment, enabling applications to easily achieve broad cross-vendor EMR interoperability.

MedStack is designed to be Developer-friendly, supporting most any combination of language, database technology and deployment tool for deployment of apps, databases and analytics and backed by an SLA and simple monthly SaaS payment model to allow healthcare innovators to get to market 60% faster.  

OBIO Members will receive a 10% discount off quotes services.  

For more information on MedStack please visit