MaRS Innovation and KHIDI Commence Joint Research Initiatives

MaRS Innovation (MI) and its South Korean partner, Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI), continue to build on the five-year global partnership agreement signed in December 2016 during Premier Wynne’s mission to the Republic of Korea.

Together with Minister Moridi, Ontario Minister of Research, Innovation and Science, Rafi Hofstein, CEO of MI, is in Seoul to further the joint research initiatives first envisaged last year. Five outstanding Ontario scientists from some of MI’s Member institutions are accompanying MI and have held initial discussions with their Korean counterparts in the following fields:

  • Dr. Kullervo Hynynen, of Sunnybrook Research Institute (represented by Dr. Seung Hee Han University Health Network); and Dr. Yoon Ha of Severance Hospital: development of new therapies for use of stem cells and ultrasound for neurological and cancer surgery.
  • Dr. Vanessa Mendes, University of Toronto, and Dr. Hae-Ryong Song of Guro Hospital: development of novel therapies for tissue regeneration and joint repair
  • Dr. Hoon-Ki Sung of The Hospital for Sick Children, and Dr. Hyn Goo Woo of Ajou University Medical Center: therapeutic stem cell therapies for cardiovascular and Alzheimer’s disease
  • Dr. Molly Shoichet (represented by Dr. Michael Cooke, University of Toronto); and Dr. Inbo Han, Cha University: development of injectable biomaterials to improve stem cell transplantation for spinal cord injury and degenerative spinal diseases
  • Dr. William Tan, Sunnybrook Research Institute and founding scientist of Wavecheck, and Dr. Kyong Hwa Park of Korea University College of Medicine: ultrasound imaging for cancer therapy and monitoring chemotherapy response in breast cancer

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