CAAP Company: Proteorex Therapeutics announces research and development collaboration with Corbin Therapeutics

Proteorex Therapeutics Inc., a 2017 CAAP company, announced a research and development collaboration with Montreal-based Corbin Therapeutics.

As part of the collaboration, Proteorex will receive an undisclosed upfront payment, and downstream milestone-based payments.

Proteorex will utilize their award-winning targeted drug design chemistry platform in combination with Corbin's novel therapeutic approach to treating various inflammation-based diseases. The collaboration will identify small molecules which efficiently inhibit an important ubiquitin-specific protease, USP15.

Through this collaboration, Proteorex’s mandate is to turn USP15 into a validated druggable target for the treatment of neuro-inflammation.
— Dr. Aman Iqbal, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Proteorex Therapeutics

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