CAAP Company: Intronix Technologies To Launch "Myoguide DOC", A Comprehensive Software Package Designed for Clinicians Utlilizing Botulinum Toxins to Manage Patient's Spasticity And Pain.

Intronix Technologies will be launching "Myoguide DOC", a comprehensive software package designed to help clinicians who inject Botulinum Toxins, such as Botox®, Dysport® and Xeomin® to manage their patient's spasticity and pain.

Myoguide DOC is a unique, graphics-based, software package designed for clinicians managing patients with pain and spasticity.  Clinicians can document patient history, treatment, treatment plans, generate reports, as well as, add and track spasticity, capability, and pain index scores.

We believe Myoguide DOC is an essential tool for continuous patient management, treatment records at a glance, patient outcome tracking, and report writing. Myoguide DOC will provide precision injection documentation and treatment outcome tracking. We are very fortunate for the opportunity to contribute another element to help clinicians who are treating patients, with or without injection guidance. Clinicians using Myoguide DOC, will have an easier time seeing how patients are progressing
— Dr. Evan Friedman, President of Intronix Technologies

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