CAAP Company: Ovensa Secures $1.38M of Additional Funding

Montreal, September 12, 2017 – Twenty-two members of Anges Québec, Anges Québec Capital, and Aligo Innovation today announced a major joint investment in Ovensa, the company behind an innovative technology enabling the targeted delivery of therapeutic molecules.

The platform developed by Ovensa makes it possible to target hard-to-reach parts of the body such as the brain, which is a major medical challenge. Given its potential for delivering medication directly to targets such as glioblastoma cells (brain tumors) and to the Tau and beta amyloid proteins (associated with the development of Alzheimer’s disease), this innovation could be used to increase the efficacy of many treatments while reducing their toxicity.

This renewed confidence and additional financing from our investors show that they’re satisfied with the results achieved, the company’s rapid growth, and the effective management of financial resources in our first year of operations. The new round of financing will allow us to forge ahead with promising developments in the areas of cancer treatment, antibiotic resistance prevention, and the delivery of medications to the brain.
— Stéphane Gagné, president and CEO of Ovensa

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