CAAP Company: SensOR Medical Announced as National Winner of the James Dyson Award

CAAP company SensOR Medical's ForceFilm technology, a thin add-on for minimally invasive surgical (MIS) instruments that provides surgeons with a digital sense of touch to help improve surgical safety, was selected as the Canadian James Dyson Award winner. SensOR will receive $3,400 toward ForceFilm’s development.

SensOR will now enter the International competition, where it will go up against other national winners for the ultimate $50,000 prize.

Unlike most medical sensors, ForceFilm is uniquely economical and environmentally friendly because it can be steam sterilized and reused. We will be using the prize money to make ForceFilm last even longer. This will allow us to try different formulations and constructions of film and build test apparatuses to repetitively test them for abrasion and steam resistance, with the goal of having ForceFilm last a full year in surgical use.
— Robert Brooks, Co-founder & CEO of SensOR Medical

More on their win and Award on SensOR's LinkedIn page

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