Early Career Talent Interviewing Now for 2019: Health to Business Bridge (H2BB)

Candidates like these are currently interviewing for placements for this January’s H2BB cohort. Don't miss out on the best and brightest business talent!

Candidate 1 has a Bachelor of Medicine, an MBA and is currently completing his Master of Science in eHealth and has 5+ years of experience in the healthcare industry focusing on hospital management and quality control.

Candidate 2 is a recent MBA graduate from Ivey Business School, is a BSc. and MSc. in Biotechnology and his career focus prior to his MBA was in innovation and software development. 

Candidate 3 currently completing her Masters of Biomedical Discovery and Commercialization at McMaster, with a focus on commercialization and regulatory affairs.

In addition to sourcing high-caliber early career talent like those candidates, OBIO H2BB also pairs a subject matter expert advisor as a mentor for your new hire. To make sure your new hire understands how to apply their skills in a health science industry setting, OBIO H2BB also hosts a series of industry-leading workshops.

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