Federal Budget 2018 Analysis: Historic Investment in "Fundamental and Discovery Research"

Budget 2018 proposes an investment of nearly $4 billion in Canada’s research system. 

A Re-Imagined NRC:

  • Receives $540M over 5 years
  • $150M over 5 years to fund NRC scientists to work with innovators from post-secondary institutions and businesses on multi-party research and development programs.
  • NRC annual budget increases to up to $1.1 billion per year

Industrial Research Assistance Program: IRAP

  • $770M over 5 years
  • IRAP support for business research and development increased a new threshold of $10M

Regional Development Agencies: 

  • $511M over 5 years to the regional development agencies to support the Innovation and Skills Plan across all regions of Canada
  • $920M over 6 years to renew the funding to the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario

Robert Merson, Management Consultant, has prepared an analysis of this year's Budget 2018, focusing on research and innovation investment.

Click here for a PDF of Rob Merson's full analysis