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Onboarding new talent can be challenging, but it is a necessary process for growing companies. OBIO Health To Business Bridge™ program (H2BB) has a proven track record in bringing business trained talent up-to-speed quickly and giving them a solid footing in the fundamentals of the health science industry.

OBIO H2BB is now offering top graduate-level, business-trained students and recent graduates, who will expand your business, marketing and/or finance strategies through market research, investor targeting, or conference preparation.

Most candidates will secure a position by August to start their fall internship semester in September. Act now as these talented candidates are highly sought-after and will disappear fast.

How H2BB Works

  • OBIO sources industry experts who provide interns with coaching and mentorship and lead practical workshops on health science business activities, helping the interns deliver what you need quickly.
  • OBIO conducts a province-wide, customized search for talent that matches what your company needs right now.
  • OBIO H2BB candidates are pre-screened MBA and Masters-level recruits with STEM backgrounds who have the business development skills to add value to your company.

Internships can last for 4 months, 8 months, 12 months or longer. OBIO H2BB interns have added value to dozens of Ontario health science companies since 2017. 

Don't miss out!

Contact Sean Peel at OBIO for more information about how OBIO H2BB can help your company: