Federal Government Wants Your Input for Regulatory Review


As part of the Federal Government’s regulatory reform agenda, the health science industry has been announced as one of three sectors targeted for regulatory review.

This is an unprecedented opportunity for health science companies to provide direct, open-ended feedback to the federal government on the regulatory challenges and hurdles that directly (or indirectly) impact your business.

The purpose of the review is to “identify bottlenecks and irritants” and “explore ways to enable regulations to be more agile, transparent, and responsive.” The window to submit comments is now open.

OBIO is encouraging any and all companies to prepare a written submission following the guidelines below. The deadline for submissions is September 15, 2018.

If you are preparing a submission and can send your completed package to OBIO by September 10, 2018, OBIO will be collecting and summarizing the issues companies are facing to present a broad view of regulatory barriers in the health science industry to the federal government.

Submission Guidelines (for complete background information, click here):

The Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat is seeking public views on the regulatory review process, guided by the following questions:

  1. In your view, are there existing regulatory requirements or practices that impede economic development, competitiveness, or growth for your firm or sector? What are their impacts? How should the Government address these irritants?
  2. Are there existing or emerging technologies, processes, or products in your firm or sector facing barriers because of federal regulations? What changes or tools should the Government consider to facilitate the development, integration, or approval of these technologies, processes, or products for Canadians?
  3. Do you see opportunities for regulatory experimentation in your sector, and if so, what would this look like?

Where possible, please provide the following for each response:

  • a succinct description of the issue or irritant;
  • quantitative and/or qualitative data on the impacts of the irritant or barrier — on consumers, industry and other stakeholders;
  • objectives, time frames, and potential solutions; and
  • the quantifiable benefits of addressing the irritant or barrier, including benefits for consumers, industry, and other stakeholders.

The Government of Canada is also seeking views on areas that could be impacted by new or disruptive technologies and that are not yet regulated, as these areas offer potential for Canada to develop new, agile regulatory frameworks. While the initial focus of the review is on the three targeted sectors, comments from stakeholders in all sectors of Canada’s economy are welcome to inform future review work.


The Government of Canada is inviting comments from all stakeholder groups. Please provide your input by September 15, 2018. Submissions can be sent to regulatoryreviews-examensreglementaires@tbs-sct.gc.ca