OBIO Hosts Chief Investment Officer, Biomedical Development Board of Taiwan

Sept 5 2018 - OBIO Hosts Sugano Toshio, CIO, Biomed Taiwan - room photo.PNG

On Wednesday, September 5th, OBIO hosted the Chief Investment Officer of the Biomedical Development Board of Taiwan, Mr. Sugano Toshio. This business development meeting featured a collection of Canada’s most esteemed investors and some of its highest potential health science companies making presentations.

As Taiwan continues to share the opportunities within its burgeoning health science industry, Mr. Toshio highlighted the work that the Biomedical Development Board of Taiwan is doing to strengthen the sector through development initiatives in international markets.

This was the third collaborative meeting facilitated by OBIO with Taiwan, and developed new conversations to find opportunities to collaborate, identify potential new partnerships and ultimately promote business development efforts in both Canada and Taiwan.

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One of the Biomedical Development Board of Taiwan’s main goals is to Engage the World, and the meeting on September 5th concluded with a pledge to continue to find opportunities to collaborate with Canadian companies and investors.