Ontario's Bioscience Industry - Translating Strategy into Action

The Ontario Bioscience Innovation Organization (OBIO) works to advance the development and growth of a sustainable, commercially - driven, life sciences industry in Ontario. OBIO is a private sector, membership-based organization representing Ontario’s human-health bioscience industry. Key among Ontario's bioscience strengths are a pipeline of high value, early stage intellectual property and start-up opportunities. In addition, Ontario boasts a strong academic research base with significant investment in intellectual-property generation and research training.

Ontario’s human health bioscience industry consists of almost 100 small and medium-size companies of which over 50 per cent are working on therapeutic products. Forty per cent of companies are located in the Greater Toronto Area with access to eight universities, 10 colleges, 60 hospitals and an innovative business incubator (MaRS Discovery District)... [more]

Click here to view the full article in PDF format, by Gail Garland in Vantage GTA, Spring Summer 2011.