Pre-CAAP® - Boosting Investability

Pre-CAAP is offered to all private Ontario companies focused on developing health science products and services including therapeutics, medical devices, diagnostics or healthcare information technologies.

Pre-CAAP helps to boost investability for early stage health science  companies at the seed or later stage who are developing health science services or products.


Program Pillars

• Strategic business advice through one-on-one mentoring and subject matter specific workshops

• Investor readiness coaching and pitch review

• Dedicated support & access to investor and market research databases


  • 1 x 1 sessions with OBIO to review investor materials such as pitch decks
  • Investor targeting using an investor database
  • 1 x 1 market and competitive analysis support with interactive market research database
  • Prep for investor and partnering conferences
  • Networking events with investors and high potential Health Science CEOs
  • Full OBIO Member Benefits including access to industry events and past workshop content
  • For investor ready companies: gain access to investor introductions and participation in investor showcases
  • Stay tuned for workshops on: Health Economics, Export Sales & Distribution Channels and Scaling Up Going Commercial

Timeline, Costs & Information

  • Pre-CAAP is FREE for OBIO Members!
  • OBIO has a special discounted membership fee for companies that have raised less than $500,000 CAD which will allow early stage companies to join Pre-CAAP and access all OBIO Member Benefits through 2018
  • OBIO Members can access all previous workshop materials

Eligibility Criteria

  • Private health science enterprises based in Ontario, focused on developing life science products or services including but not limited to: therapeutics, medical devices, diagnostics or healthcare information technologies
  • OBIO Pre-CAAP will benefit companies that are raising their first or second seed funding round
  • OBIO Pre-CAAP is ideal for companies intending to apply for OBIO CAAP
  • The program requires the engagement of the senior management team

Have a question? Contact us:

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