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OBIO® Pre-CAAP Workshop 3: Early-Stage Health Science Company Contracts

April 19, 2016 Early-Stage Health Science Company Contracts, with Owen Roberts (Nobelex), & Chad Bayne (Osler).

OBIO invites its members for this remarkable opportunity to learn from Owen Roberts, CEO of Nobelex Biotech and CFO of Meta, and Chad Bayne, Partner with Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt.  Having worked together for more than a decade building start-up companies, Owen and Chad will reflect on how to set up your health science company for success by making sure that you have the right contracts and other legal documents in place from the start!

In person over breakfast and by webinar, Owen and Chad will share their perspectives on best practices to help you understand: 

  • What essential legal documents you need to have when starting your business,
  • What investors look for to demonstrate you are investor-ready, and
  • Common mistakes and tips from their many years working together in several different companies including Affinium Pharmaceuticals, Nobelex Biotech and Meta.