Reviewing OBIO's Workshop: "No Project Was Ever Completed On Time and Within Budget." - Cheops Law

On September 18th, OBIO organized a workshop with two industry experts and provided the CFO perspective on budgeting for start-up and growing health science companies.

John Jordan (CFO, RNA Diagnostics) and Jim Cooke (Partner, Stoneybridge Partners) addressed 3 main areas – how to build a robust budget, how to present a budget to the board and to investors and how to manage a budget.

CABHI announces new Mentorship, Capital and Continuation Program

The Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation (CABHI), led by Baycrest and in partnership with National Bank, announced the launch of a new Mentorship, Capital and Continuation Program (MC2). MC2 will accelerate market-ready healthcare innovations for the aging population from bench to bedside more quickly and efficiently.

2018 Manning Innovation Awards Nominates Two OBIO Members

Jessica Ching (Eve Kit, OBIO CAAP 2013 Company) and Noureddin Chahrour (AdrenalEase, OBIO Pre-CAAP 2018 Company) have been nominated in the Toronto Region category for the 2018 Manning Innovation Awards. The winners will be announced later this fall, and will be celebrated at the 2018 Manning Innovation Awards Dinner on October 24, 2018.