Sernova Corp Engages Carson Seabolt and Network IR

November 27, 2013, 6:00 a.m. EDT LONDON, ONTARIO (Marketwire – November 27, 2013) - Sernova Corp (TSX-V: SVA), today is pleased to announce it has engaged Carson Seabolt and Network IR (“Network”) to develop and execute a comprehensive investor communications program to raise awareness of the Company within North American and International investment communities.

“Carson Seabolt and his team at Network IR are well-respected and will assist in the capital and institutional markets as we approach important Company milestones including anticipated clinical trial results in 2014,” said Dr. Philip Toleikis, Sernova Corp Chief Executive Officer.

“Our team is very excited to begin working with Sernova and its Management. It is a very rare opportunity to find a clinical-stage company that is working towards building such a worthwhile and potentially game-changing portfolio of products. I feel strongly that Dr. Toleikis and the entire Sernova team have the ability to deliver to the market, future patients and society a better way of treating what were once considered lifelong illnesses,” said Andrew Mugridge of Network IR.

“There is a lot to like about Sernova at this exciting juncture, and CEO Philip Toleikis is committed to ensure Sernova’s story is told to an ever-discerning retail audience. Attracting Carson Seabolt and NIR is a testament to Dr. Toleikis’s intuitive understanding that capital markets require an engaging, supportive retail ecosystem in the fruition of great projects. I credit Philip’s commitment to his stakeholders as we march into a promising 2014,”said Ray Matthews, Strategic Advisor.

Under the terms of the Company's agreement with Network IR, the Company will pay to Network a cash fee of $6,000 per month for six months and grant to Network a total of 300,000 incentive stock options, each option being exercisable, once vested, into one common share of the Company at a purchase price of $0.15 per share. The options shall vest in four equal quarterly installments, and will be governed by the Company's option plan and the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange.

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