Avocare Launches Newest Product, Remote Care

Avocare has launched their newest product, Avocare Remote Care. Remote Care will empower patients by enabling them to securely message their own healthcare provider using secure web and mobile apps. This product release is live at client clinics in the Greater Toronto Area.

Consumers have become used to living in a digital world filled with amazing user experiences, but healthcare continues to lag behind. But, things are changing and we see a future in which patients will be shifting online to fulfill many of their healthcare needs. By empowering clinics and doctors with our technology, we enable doctors to build more meaningful relationships with their patients. Avocare is going to create a far better experience for both patients and doctors. Doctors will be more accessible, and patients will be able to get answers from their doctor without taking time out of their busy schedules.
— Vik Luthra, Co-Founder and CEO, Avocare

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